Mumbai eateries using half-filled water glasses, tissues to beat drought

April 24, 2016

Hospitality hotbed Bandra is seeing eateries come up with innovative measures of their own. Ashish Sajnani owns Eat Thai, a recent opening that offers a modern spin to Thai food. Staff at the Pali Hill eatery is collecting leftover water from glasses to pour into a tank to utilise later. “Until recently, we’d drain left over water from glasses. But, given the shortage, we are using it now to water our plants,” he shares. His other establishment in Chembur, Le Café, has ditched hosepipes for sponges as their delivery bikes get a bucket wash. “It’s now one bucket to one bike.”


April 24, 2016

Ashish Sajnani, co-owner of Eat Thai, was only too happy to offer Bronfman a physical space to sell her products from. “It works for both of us. Our clients get to try out her stuff, while hers get to try out ours,” says Sajnani, who believes that if he’s getting the chance to support a local start-up, then he should back it all the way. “It’s good to help someone grow their business,” adds the restaurateur who also helps retail local teas, honey and granola bars from his restaurant Le Cafe in Chembur. While it may not guarantee sales, what such an association offers is a visibility for the product. “For setting up any business, especially in Mumbai, getting real estate is so difficult. So to know that I have a small physical space to retail my products from is a blessing,” adds Bronfman.

A new campaign is urging restaurants to save water

May 13, 2016

Le Café and Moksha, Chembur (E), and Eat Thai Bandra (W): The restaurants have a separate bucket kept in the kitchen to collect the water that’s left behind in the glasses. This water is used for gardening.

Food Truck Festival’ Brings Mumbai Street Food On Wheels

May 21, 2016

Food enthusiasts are in for a new experience while indulging in their favorite street side snacks with Mumbai’s first ‘Food Truck Festival’ serving a range of items like English sandwiches and coconut coolers on wheels.

The Bombay Food Truck Will Roll Into Mumbai By The End Of The Month

September 10, 2015

By the end of this month, a fire engine red food truck, which calls itself the ‘Bombay Food Truck’ will be jauntily rolling into Mumbai.

Meal on the Wheels: Bombay Food Truck

September 10, 2015

If you have been dreaming of to start your own food truck ala Chef Carl Casper from the popular movie, Chef, you are late as someone else has already done that!

Launchpad: Bombay Food Truck Comes Chugging Into The City Soon

September 12, 2015

Mumbai is slated to get a big, red food truck. Bombay Food Truck, the brainchild of Ashish Sajnani and Juspreet Singh Walia (of OPA, PDT, Eat Thai and Le Cafe) will serve ‘gourmet street food’

Starting a food truck in Mumbai? Here’s what you need to know

September 18 2015

While the rest of the country may have a headstart over Mumbai as far as food trucks are concerned, the city is slowly catching up,

Mealing Around

September 3, 2015

Earlier this week, photographs of a black and red truck on Twitter sent Mumbai’s foodies into a frenzy.