At OPA Hospitality, we have become one of Mumbai’s leading companies by following a fairly simple philosophy; offer a product of outstanding quality with equally outstanding values. The simplicity of that principle is backed up by a lot of hard work and years of experience.

With our experience in hospitality and related industries, our executive team is well-positioned to accelerate our goals and missions. Effectiveness, efficiency, world-class standards and the warmth of our hospitality perfected over four decades is what OPA stands for.

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Director’s Note –

We are indeed privileged to provide an overview of our RICH experience, continuous progress, technological advances and development of the related services to CUSTOMERS EVERYDAY.

With our uniquely developed hotel, restaurants & bars in our portfolio, we have continuously grown to become a trusted brand and ultimately the perfect partner for our customers for all hospitality needs.

  –Ashish Sajnani

  Director, OPA Hospitality Pvt Ltd

Our Vision

To create inspiring experiences that brings people together.

Our Mission

To be a company recognized for its unique blend of world-class standards with genuine hospitality that exceeds the expectations of our guests and our associates.

Our Methodology

The idea of Quality, as marketing orientation, as business philosophy and everyday practice with systems in place.